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This Thai restaurant on South Salt Lake, formerly known as Bon Appe Thai, is one of the most popular Thai restaurants in the city and popular with locals and tourists alike. It's not complete without mentioning some of our new favorite restaurants, and Oquirrr is taking the cake for the 2020 slot.

Martine's is located in the heart of downtown Salt Lake City and offers the delicious flavors of its food through gourmet and simple cooking methods. Under the direction of Michael Krieger, a trained chef and native New Orleans resident from Utah, the varied menu will certainly include everything from fried chicken sandwiches to wood-fired pizzas. This variation is best enjoyed in a pub, where it is best accompanied by fried curd cheese and a glass of wine.

With plenty of options, this local favorite is in Salt Lake City, where chef roaster Ryan Gee perfects the roast profile. Hires is famous for mastering the classic diner burger, which catches the eye every time. If you're looking for the best sandwich in town, you'll have to go to this restaurant to try one of the good appetizers you can get in Utah, or even if you've never eaten before. The best bakery in SLC is qualified for a good breakfast or lunch, especially for those of you who decide not to prepare your meal solely from pastries.

Tins of pickles, jam and gravy have gained cult status and are found in many restaurants in Salt Lake City and other parts of the country.

The Red Iguana # 1 was originally located at the local Trax station, which was connected to Salt Lake City International Airport.

The best thing about skiing in Utah is that after a day on the slopes, you can choose from a variety of restaurants in Salt Lake City that serve imaginative and delicious dishes. At the Dodo you meet all your friends from Salt Lake City, and it's beautiful, but most of what I'm looking forward to most, after skiing a whole day in Utah, I try to eat in many of these restaurants. In Park City we pollute ourselves to hell and forget the fresh air. It is a great place to get out and get away from it all, even if you don't really want to ski.

The combination of good food and ambience makes it a great place to eat with friends and family, even if you go skiing. Romantic Dining recommends listing La Caille's and visiting other restaurants in Salt Lake City, such as Table X and Table Sushi. If you're looking forward to a romantic meal at one of the most romantic restaurants on the West Coast, look no further than Table X. It's beautiful, and the romance level sends you to heaven, but you can also eat there with your friends, family and friends of friends.

La Caille's was named one of the best restaurants in Salt Lake City by the Cultural Tour, and Tuscany's has also earned Zagat's recognition as "one of the top restaurants in America," while winning four Utah Best in the State Awards since 2010, including the Utah Restaurant Association's "Best of Utah" award in 2009 and 2010. The copper onion was the first to bring food trends, as we know them in large cities, to salt lake. Pallet has received a long list of awards for its excellent cuisine and service, as well as a number of awards from local and national restaurants.

When it opened, it was one of the first examples of upscale California cuisine in Utah. The airy cafe opened in 2009 after successfully launching the hummus brand Laziz Foods at the farmers market in Salt Lake.

Since then, the family-owned company has expanded its operations to other locations in Utah, New York City and San Francisco. The Wasatch has teamed up with the Salt Lake City Public Library and the University of Utah to create a new way to eat outdoors.

The second restaurant I would like to share with you is one of my favorite restaurants in Salt Lake City and one I highly recommend. SaltLake Magazine readers randomly voted it the "Best Restaurant in Utah" of 2018, and it was voted the best restaurant in the state of Utah for the second year in a row.

If you're interested in the history of Salt Lake City and its restaurants, you should definitely visit the SaltLake City Archives. This guide is not a travel guide, but a collection of some of my favorite restaurants from recent years in Utah.

I've been following local food bloggers and their flagship Salt Lake City outlets for a long time and always take the scene with me. After more than 20 years of tasting the valley's culinary offerings, I bring you a list of some of my favorite restaurants from recent years in Utah and beyond.

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